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You can only watch one LPer for the rest of your life. Who do you choose?
  1. kittykatgotclaws answered: MultiPurposeSpam <3
  2. jongkrease answered: NerdCubed
  3. bigbadcherry answered: TheRPGMinx
  4. redmage831 answered: Dungeonkeeperkish
  5. stopandfeelalive answered: Ssohpkc
  6. tlephin answered: Slyfoxhound, he helped me through a really bad time in my life and he is just so amazing and funny and kjnefkvjbdkfjbv FEELS
  7. celerra answered: Hmm… Flashflame00.
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  9. rarietty answered: Uberhaxornova.
  10. rekabel answered: Inthelittlewood! Once a Sapling, always a Sapling
  11. muffins-mac answered: mangaminx
  12. oracles-elixir answered: Lucahjin
  13. peach-vomit answered: Pewdiepie.
  14. neak-o answered: SSoHPKC of course
  15. lovethelife92 answered: chuggaaconroy
  16. mattiegenderbenderextraordinaire answered: Lucahjin
  17. madonkakaname answered: Slyfoxhound! Homies Unite :)
  18. complete-dweeb answered: Well that’s a biased answer. He’s like, totally your BF.
  19. musicninj4 answered: Uberhaxornova
  20. swag-brah answered: Cry pls
  21. stitchrs answered: SlyFoxHound
  22. schwagztheelf answered: Chuggaaconroy
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  24. cheburashkah answered: AzuriteReaction.
  25. suoitangi answered: KurtJMac!
  26. psychoticedge answered: MasaeAnela?
  27. stealst answered: raocow. always.
  28. hhhcghk204 answered: uberhaxornova
  29. absolute4discord answered: GassyMexican
  30. rolloz answered: Cryaotic
  31. beanbeankingdom answered: Chuggaaconroy
  32. son-of-a-namek answered: ProtonJon if he updated regularely.
  33. julianplz answered: SSoHPKC
  34. darksilverhawk answered: Kuposan3 (Shagg)
  35. tell-them-naegi answered: NintendoCaprisun or JoshJepson
  36. aliasmouse answered: NakaTeleeli
  37. ask-the-storyteller answered: Chuggaaconroy
  38. askmlcblobs answered: Chuggaaconroy! <:
  39. sapphires-wallpapers answered: Chuggaaconroy
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